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Improving continuously to go above and beyond the needs of the Electronics Industry is Air Liquide Singapore’s focus.

To maintain our leading position in Singapore, one of the most competitive places of the industry, we strive to provide our customers high value products & services with innovative solutions, all within an operation of quality that is safe, sustainable, and reliable.

The strategic location for electronics

Almost every key gadget today has parts created in Singapore, from Seagate’s hard disk drives and HP Inc’s print heads to Energizer’s iconic batteries. In fact, your smartphone’s 4G or 5G connection is probably enabled by Radio Frequency filters made in Singapore.*

Indeed, Singapore has one of the most diverse semiconductor industries in the Asia Pacific. Some of the world’s biggest pure-play foundries have manufacturing facilities here, as do many other top outsourced semiconductor assembly and test companies. Beyond semiconductors, Singapore is also a key node in the global supply chain for products ranging from storage and memory products, to microelectromechanical systems (MEMS).*

Project management: all our capabilities at your fingertips

Our extensive knowledge in service, the depth of our management experience, and our skilled engineering teams allow us to fully meet the electronics industry’s specialized needs and demands. Our teams accompany you from design, installation, and commission of state-of-the-art equipment and systems, to the implementation of on-site gas management and services.

Reaching for higher quality together

Our quality team focuses on tightening its control criteria to the upstream, in line with increasing customer demands, while supporting the industry’s quest to produce smaller and more cost-effective technology devices. 

In addition, we leverage the big data from our digitally connected plants to drive continuous improvements in our operations through our Performance Analytics Center. 

Thanks to Singapore’s rich network of expertise and its regional ecosystem, we are able to tap into a wider pool of resources to further strengthen our know-how. The long-term partnership with our mega-fab electronics customers is a testimony to our capability to deliver the best-in-class products, services and customer experience.

Taking action for a sustainable future

 Since 1902, inventing and shaping the future through state of the art technologies, operational competence, and customer service has been in our DNA. Today, we’re mobilizing all our knowledge to actively create a sustainable future. We’re adopting innovative solutions such as TCN-DC plants and the use of predictive data analytics to optimize energy efficiency. This has enabled us to reduce the carbon footprint of our vehicles and greenhouse gas emissions in our processes. These steps are only the beginning.

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