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Air Liquide Singapore, providing customers in the continuum of care from hospital to home with medical products and services that contribute to protecting vulnerable lives.


Air Liquide Healthcare, your world leading expert for all your healthcare needs

Air Liquide Healthcare is proud to influence the lives of more than 18 million patients and 15,000 hospitals and clinics worldwide. Present in 35 countries, our network is complemented by a team of engineers and healthcare specialists committed to provide technical support to the hospitals’ requirements anytime they need.

Harnessing these strengths we develop innovative solutions to contribute to Singapore's growing healthcare needs. Uniting our knowledge, experience and know-how, we provide flexible gas systems and engineering services.

In Singapore, 500 hospitals, home patients, and other healthcare institutions rely on Air Liquide Healthcare for their medical and therapeutic gases and related medical equipment.

Key Figures

> 500 Healthcare institutions

In Singapore we support over 500 hospitals, other healthcare institutions and home patients with medical and therapeutic gases and related medical equipment.

> 100 Years

For more than 100 years, Air Liquide has served the healthcare industry in Singapore.

Always There: Our ambition for medical gases

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we are committed to providing healthcare professionals and facilities with a secure supply of medical gases and seamless in-house gas management, in efficient and sustainable ways.

So you can focus on your patients, knowing that we are there, and always will be, by your side.

Always there.

Supporting the healthcare institutions with gases

Healthcare is a crucial industry that requires constant supply of gases and vital infrastructure systems.

Air Liquide Singapore provides unrivalled reliability and service in hospitals, medical centers, clinics, hospice and homes. We optimize care for pediatric and adult patients during acute episodes, usually these occur in the hospital environment. You can find our medical gases and services in emergency rooms, operating theaters, and medical and surgical intensive care units.

Procedures, diagnosis and treatments, that's what saves lives. We provide healthcare professionals with all fundamental solutions - molecules, devices and services.

Design and installation of the hospitals' infrastructure

Besides supply gases, we are also a one-stop for all engineering and project management solutions. With years of experience and know-how, our Medical Team in the Engineering Project Solutions Division (EPSD) is able to design, install and maintain your gas supply, storage and distribution systems in the hospitals.

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