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A digitally infused omnichannel customer experience

Imagine the power of digital - A field of possibilities, increased growth opportunities, an advancement for the future of business sustainability, exploring data and analyses, digital solutions to manage our assets, revolutionizing how we interact with our patients and customers. All together we enrich our ecosystems, as digitization creates greater efficiencies. A digitally infused omnichannel customer experience, tailored by Air Liquide Singapore.

Leveraging Data for Operational Excellence

Air Liquide has integrated the latest digital solutions that power the ability to extract and analyze operational data directly from its production units. It makes us an advanced anticipator of incidents, agile in equipment maintenance and facilitates fact-based decision-making. This is fundamental to continue improving our performance in supplying industrial gases to our customers.

How do we reduce indirect CO2 emissions and reduce our carbon footprint? The digital network unifies automated and centralized data operations, optimizing energy consumption and overall plant performance, delivering to customers with higher efficiency.

Smart Innovative Operations (SIO) Centre for our plants

Smart Innovative Operations (SIO) Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is continuously boasting the range of digital tools, co-created with promising start-ups. The control centre remotely adapts production at the plants across the region to improve reliability with predictive maintenance. This means accelerated troubleshooting, effective monitoring of local operations, collectively giving experts access to necessary expertise.

At Air Liquide, our customers are at the center of our operation focus and the SIO centre allows us to respond more effectively in real time to their supply needs. This is how SIO is revolutionizing our entire operations structure across Southeast Asia. 

Performance Analytics Centre (PAC) for the Electronics plants

In Electronics, predictive data analytics is deployed to enhance data-driven operational decision-making processes. The Singapore Electronics team is collaborating within the Southeast Asia Cluster to connect Carrier Gas plants via industrial data acquisition networks.

Transforming Packaged Gases Operations

To understand and specify our customers' needs, we brought together the operations Industrial, Medical and Specialty Gases into one location.

Productivity and efficiency are upgraded by diving into automation and lean processes. Our customers are enriched with value. Now the cylinders can be purged, prepared, filled and analyzed all at one station, without having the operators to move them from one location to another. Even Robotic Arms handle our carbon dioxide filling for maximizing efficiency.

Shared ambition for open innovation enables our teams to collectively capture data to offer our customers a best-in-industry experience, capitalising on our fundamentals of safety and reliability.

Many applications are developed by our teams. Tracking cylinder inventories with Gideons Tracking System (GTS), and stock inventories are digitally accessible through MyGas Portal. This covers the entire customer journey, from stock management and ordering to tank level monitoring, as part of our multi-channel distribution strategy.

Sustained capabilities at the Digital Factory Singapore

To deliver the seamless customer experience with digital tools, we have invested heavily in building the internal capabilities and competencies to support the digital-enabled transformation. This was the driving force behind the creation of the Digital Factory in 2019.

The factory helps the various businesses to explore new ways of working, push the boundary of our business models, optimize the operation, and further our understanding of customers’ and employees’ needs and behavior. 

Today this team brings together diverse talents and expertise across the entire APAC, developers, experience designers, user research specialists, data scientists, agile coaches, machine learning engineers, and R&D personnel. 

At Air Liquide we believe in building talents, this will sustain us in creating the seamless digital experience for our customers by harnessing the power of data and artificial intelligence.

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