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Engineering Project & Solutions Division

Our Engineering Project & Solutions Division (EPSD) has years of experience and know-how in providing installation and start-up support to various industries in Singapore such as Electronics, Healthcare, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceuticals, Research Institutes, etc.

We’re a one-stop for all engineering and project management solutions. We design and install gas supply systems, storage infrastructure and gas handling equipment. We also provide process expertise to help enhance efficiency, product quality and safety of operations.

We help you every step of the way

We take pride in providing turnkey solutions and services from project management to commissioning and integration. Our manufacturing centres are located in Taiwan and France, where our electronic gas equipment is custom made and complies to the SEMI S2 standard.


Safety first, safety always

Our goal is zero safety accidents for all our employees, customers, and suppliers. Our design in term of process safety is backed up by the Group’s worldwide Industrial Management System (IMS) standards.

Quality in everything

Quality is our foundation and part of everything we do. We pay careful attention to: performance, features, reliability, durability, conformance, and serviceability. These characteristics contribute to the overall quality of each product and service and are ensured throughout Air Liquide operations.

Our Certifications

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management System)

  • ISO 45001(Occupational Health & Safety Management System)

  • BCA Workhead ME11 L6 (Mechanical Engineering)

  • bizSAFE Partner

Our portfolio of solutions

Our Engineering Projects & Services Division designs and installs the various gas supply and distribution systems required such as:  bulk gas supply system, onsite supply system, electronics gas & chemical system, medical gas distribution system, life safety system and large facilities like the steam methane reforming units and HyOS syngas production units through our Global Engineering & Construction Solutions.

Project Management: we help you do better

Supported by the resources and know-how of a worldwide network of experts, our experienced teams provide on-site technical assistance, value-added analysis and process audits to help optimize your operations.

We help you identify and implement customized solutions that enhance safety, reliability and performance efficiency while reducing operating costs. Through our process optimization service, lower costs may be achieved through:

  • Minimizing process losses
  • Higher production rates
  • Throughput and yield improvements
  • Streamlining production
  • Quality improvements
  • Improved time-on-tools
  • Supply chain optimization

With the support of our commissioned professionals, Air Liquide can also conduct Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) studies and/or Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) studies.

Maintenance services: we are with you 24/7!

Our support services do not end after installation and start-up. To help minimize risk and maximize operating efficiency, EPSD conducts an on-site survey on how the gases used are stored, transported within your facility, and distributed to your point of use.

We provide maintenance and periodic performance assessments to ensure optimal safety and productivity. In addition, we help our customers manage their gas supply through:

  • Optimized inventory management and cylinder tracking
  • Automatic re-ordering and tank-level monitoring for bulk supply using cell-powered wireless telemetry units
  • Telemonitored performance tracking for onsite gas generation

In the case of emergencies, we also offer 24/7 assistance with a 4 hour activation period.

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