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Now Arriving: Let Arrive-AL Inform You On An Upcoming Delivery

Published on January 01, 2023

3 minutes

I decided to skip the queue and do my grocery shopping online. I liked that I could get what I wanted with the click of a few buttons - it was painless and promptness was promised. I tried to be patient but became unduly anxious instead as the time drew closer to the delivery at noon. Reluctant to have my groceries come late, I reached for my mobile phone with the intent of reminding the vendor that they had a customer waiting, rolling my eyes back at the prospect of waiting for yet another electronic voice asking for what I wanted to do. My dialing was abruptly interrupted by a high-pitched “Ding!” wherein an SMS notification popped up politely stating that the delivery I was looking forward to would arrive in 30 minutes. Comforted by the cordial assurance, I grinned, thoroughly satisfied by the prompt customer service that somehow managed to soothe the mounting anxiety. 


Given that many of our customers are not based at the delivery location and have to be present specifically to sign the required delivery notes, it must be frustrating to anticipate deliveries with no assurance of exactly when the cylinders would be delivered.

Cue Arrive-AL, an SMS and email notification service launched in January 2018, which will be progressively implemented across the region. Since its launch, an overwhelming figure of 120,000 notifications via both SMS and email have been sent in the first 6 months! Customers have been quick to gush about how this new service has set the bar for a whole new customer experience. Indeed, #AirLiquideistransforming.

Customers were happy that they no longer had to anxiously await deliveries without specific time assurances, enabling them to work on other responsibilities before turning their attention to receiving goods at the estimated time of arrival given by the notification service.

The service is also highly customizable. It allows customers to decide on the mode and frequency of notifications as well as the number of recipients who would receive them.

Internally, Air Liquide has also raised our safety standards with this notification service. How, you may ask? Previously, drivers were often required to notify customers in advance of arrival to inform them about delivery timings. This requires the driver to stop along the road, at times in inopportune moments, to send SMS notifications.

With Arrive-AL, the safety and well-being of our drivers are placed front and center, their tasks are highly streamlined so that they remain focused on fulfilling safe deliveries.

Boasting efficiency from the perspective of our customers coupled with Air Liquide’s safety policy, the launch of Arrive-AL has been a win-win situation for us and is a perfect example of how Air Liquide continues to work on digitizing and enhancing the customer experience.