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Our Road Safety Policy

Air Liquide is committed to promoting the highest standards of road safety amongst employees and contractors. Our goal is to eliminate all preventable road accidents.
Air Liquide expects employees and contractors to do all in their power to protect their own safety and that of other road users and to act as responsible custodians of the vehicles in their charge. 
Air Liquide Management shall implement the necessary processes to ensure the policy is applied.

The Air Liquide Management will

  • Enforce compliance of Air Liquide Life Saving Rules.
  • Commit resources to effectively implement Fatigue Management Plan.
  • Provide safety training for the product delivery process and defensive driving.
  • Implement an efficient and effective vehicle maintenance process. 
  • Create and ensure a safe working environment.

Employees and Contractor Drivers are expected to

  • Comply with Air Liquide Life Saving Rules.
  • Have sufficient rest between duty hours.
  • Refrain from driving when unwell, feeling drowsy, or sleepy.
  • Perform vehicle pre-trip inspection diligently.
  • Maintain complete and constant attention to the roads and surroundings while driving.
  • Perform work tasks safely to ensure personal safety and that of others.

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