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Gas & Liquid Management

We make it easier for our customers to manage their gas assets.

For Gas Management

Optimized inventory management and cylinder tracking

Our cylinders are coded with a barcode and tracked via a system, Gideons Tracking System (GTS). Every cylinder is identified by a barcode, localized in every stage - from its filling to its use and prior to its return to Air Liquide. Through the system, users will have a better understanding of their consumption and traceability of their cylinders.

Users enjoy the following benefits through GTS:

  • Improves cylinder stock management 
  • Enhances safety and quality
  • Saves time and operating costs

Gas Management Service (GMS) at your fingertips

Upon request, our trained specialists will provide the hooking and unhooking of cylinders, Liquid Gas Cylinders (LGCs) and pallets; and preventive maintenance of the gas distribution manifold at your site. This will ensure the safe handling and management of your gases.

For Liquid Management

Tank-level monitoring and Automatic re-ordering of bulk products

Our bulk installations can be installed with Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) with the customers’ approval, the RTU is accessed remotely and securely over standard analog telephone or 3G/4G networks.  This means Air Liquide can configure, program, monitor and analyse data remotely.

Customers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Remote tank level monitoring of bulk installations (storage tanks)
  • 24/7 low tank level monitoring with alert to on-duty personnel
  • Historical trends of usage based on tank level percentage vs time

By linking the tank level data from the RTU to ALSg’s Bulk Logistics Active Cycle (BLAC) scheduling software, we can forecast the optimal delivery arrangements up to 14 calendar days without affecting supply reliability and delivery efficiency.

The telemetry platform includes an unmanned alarm reception system.  When the system receives an alarm call from a RTU, it acknowledges the alarm and transfers the alarm notification to our on-duty personnel’s mobile phone via SMS. Depending on the alarm type, he or she will schedule for the required delivery. This alarm monitoring system service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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