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Singapore is the first stopover in Asia for Energy Observer, a hydrogen-powered laboratory ship

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(Photo credits : ©Energy Observer Productions / Antoine Drancey – BABEL)

Launched in April 2017, Energy Observer is the first hydrogen-powered laboratory ship to travel the world, emitting as little carbon as possible. Air Liquide has been its partner since the beginning of this incredible odyssey, to inform and raise awareness on the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.

This partnership was further strengthened in 2021 as Air Liquide became a main partner. Beyond the famous boat itself, the Energy Observer approach is global, just like that of Air Liquide, a pioneer in the international development of hydrogen. Concretely, this partnership is already geared towards two dimensions: public awareness and technological innovation.

Singapore will be one of the first major stopovers in Asia for the Energy Observer, from March 10 to 20. Air Liquide, being one of the main partners, will be inviting some of our major stakeholders for visits and talks. 

Click here to find out more about the partnership between Air Liquide and Energy Observer.

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