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Carbon Dioxide

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Carbon dioxide is used as a cryogenic fluid for processes such as tissue conservation, deep-freezing and fire extinction due to its non-combustible nature.

Air Liquide has a longstanding experience in Carbon Dioxide (CO2) management, from capture, purification and liquefaction to storage and transport from various CO2 emission sources (either from its own operations or from customers' operations) to help reduce carbon emissions and support low-carbon transition efforts. Air Liquide can also upgrade the recovered CO2 and provide it to various markets, such as the agri-food industry (carbonation, preservation, and refrigerated transport), water treatment, chemicals.

Food-grade carbon dioxide is used in carbonated beverages and for food processing applications such as chilling and freezing, modified atmosphere packaging and cold transportation.

Dry Ice, the solid form of carbon dioxide at temperature of -78.5 ºC, is tasteless and odorless. It is used to address critical temperature control requirements during food production and packaging, and provide refrigeration during transportation and distribution.


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