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Hydrogen for Clean Mobility

Revolutionising clean transportation

As a precursor of hydrogen mobility, Air Liquide, through its Hydrogen Energy activity, has been using its existing industrial facilities, technologies and expertise to develop applications for transportation and in particular hydrogen stations for over 20 years. Hydrogen-powered electric vehicles are equipped with fuel cells that produce electricity on board the vehicle from the onboard hydrogen. With a refuelling time of less than 5 minutes, allowing an autonomy of more than 600 km, hydrogen energy is particularly well suited to captive fleets: cabs, buses, utility vehicles, forklifts, etc.

Thanks to hydrogen, Air Liquide is supporting the transition of the transport sector towards environmentally friendly mobility, in particular through its expertise in liquid hydrogen, which is particularly well suited to intensive mobility. The most promising markets for heavy mobility are road freight, maritime and aviation.

Hydrogen for heavy transport

Reducing emissions from heavy transport (trucks, buses, boats, planes, etc.) also makes it possible to considerably improve air quality and limit noise levels in dense areas.

Scaling up hydrogen for mobility

Air Liquide continues to develop large-scale projects and strategic alliances to accelerate the transition to hydrogen for mobility.

Our refuelling solutions

Air Liquide has been designing and manufacturing hydrogen refuelling solutions for over 20 years. Our engineering teams will be happy to assist you in your mobility projects:

  • A Complete portfolio of liquid and gaseous solutions, compatible with all types of vehicles and covering a wide range of refuelling protocols
  • A support in engineering, installation, maintenance and operations
  • An optimised Total Cost of Ownership

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