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Hydrogen for Industry Decarbonization

A major lever for the decarbonization of industry

Through its Large Industries business line, Air Liquide already serves customers in the world's main industrial basins. This proximity, combined with our expertise and technologies, allows us to develop synergies between the industrial and mobility markets, to ensure the availability of hydrogen in large quantities.

Hydrogen can be used in many industrial sectors that are challenging to decarbonize, for its energy potential or as a raw material:

  • Refining, to desulfurize hydrocarbons
  • Chemistry, to produce methanol and synthetic fuels
  • Metallurgy, for heat treatment

But also in Electronics, as a carrier gas, research and analysis, welding, cement production, glassmaking etc.

Air Liquide works with its customers to identify the most appropriate solution for their needs, and designs safe, ergonomic and easy-to-use cylinders and valves to meet the gas needs of small, medium and large companies. Advanced packaging options and bulk storage systems are also available for customers requiring large volumes.

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