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Making our roads safer TOGETHER

Published on June 01, 2023

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Safety is a fundamental value and is an integral part of Air Liquide’s operational excellence and culture. We are committed to efficiently and under all circumstances reducing the exposure of our employees and other stakeholders to professional and industrial risks.

With innovation imbued into Air Liquide’s operation systems, we have also adopted technology in our Road Safety strategy.  Onboard technologies are deployed in our fleet of trucks, where cameras can detect driver fatigue and distraction, help change driving habits when necessary, and provide visibility of the vehicle’s surroundings. 

Mindset plays an important role in Road Safety!

While it is all good to enhance our safety protocol with technology, we recognize that mindset plays an important role as well. Risks on the roads are known by each and everyone of us but often forgotten or bypassed. Changing such a mindset and adhering to road safety rules is everyone’s responsibility and needs to be permanently nurtured. 

Our Road Safety Program emphasizes the importance for us to adopt proper driver behaviors and raising everyone’s awareness of the consequences of their driving actions, so as to make the roads safer for each and everyone of us. The three pillars - CARE, RESTED and ATTENTIVE provide the backbone for the activities of this Program. 

Introducing Safety SWEE, Blur SO-TONG, Bo Chup XIAO & Chiongster CHIONG!

To better engage our drivers with the Program, we have introduced our very own Road Safety mascots, which are modified after ALly, the safety mascot in Air Liquide Singapore. The Road Safety mascots, also known as ALly Friends, are drivers on the roads, with each of them practising road safety differently.

Safety SWEE

ALly’s best friend is Safety SWEE. Safety SWEE drives safely and abides by traffic rules. The roads do not belong to Safety SWEE only but to every road user. Safety SWEE cares about oneself and others’ safety


Blur SO-TONG knows about the traffic rules and is not really sure how to act on them. Blur SO-TONG needs time to adopt them.

Bo Chup XIAO

Bo Chup XIAO knows that driving safely is important but other priorities outweigh safety. Bo Chup XIAO often finds ways to bypass the traffic rules when possible.


Chiongster CHIONG

Chiongster CHIONG does not care about safety on the roads. Chiongster CHIONG drives very fast, changes lanes freely and ALWAYS bypass traffic rules. 

We do wish that Safety SWEEs are all around us but if they are not, we do hope that the Blur SO-TONGs, Bo Chup XIAOs and Chiongster CHIONGs can become Safety SWEEs one day!

Adopting a holistic approach towards Road Safety

By combining technology with mindset change and equipping our drivers with regular training and coaching sessions, we believe that this holistic approach will protect the well-being of our drivers and fellow road users, 


Making our roads safer TOGETHER!


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