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FLOXAL™ Onsite Gas Generation Systems

Reliable, low-cost, high-quality on-site generators

Air Liquide supplies a range of customizable FLOXAL onsite gas generation solutions to meet the diverse needs of many industries.

Our FLOXALTM onsite gas generation systems supply bulk volumes of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen directly from gas generators installed directly on customer premises. 

FLOXALTM  makes gas generation reliable and efficient. It ensures continuous and consistent gaseous volumes of nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen that can be adapted to your unique usage needs. Your FLOXALTM system is built as a standard design with options for customization and we will operate and maintain your onsite supply system for you.

What can FLOXAL do for you?

Guarantee a convenient worry-free on-site solution: 

  • Continuous and reliable gas supply with dedicated maintenance team
  • Adequate bulk back-up storage
  • Full support : installation, operation and maintenance handled by Air Liquide
  • Air Liquide expertise in risk management
  • Tele-monitored performance tracking and assurance (remote monitoring)

Adapted to your unique needs with flexible supply and consistent quality

  • Full product range - adaptable to accommodate customer required specifications
  • Gas available whenever you need it
  • On-spec gas purity, flow profile, and pressure
  • Flexible evolution of size and mode of supply to follow unexpected changes in demand

Provide a cost-efficient solution 

  • Reliable supply at a predictable cost with a long term commitment
  • Best-in-class, energy-efficient generators, easy to install
  • Environment-friendly solutions thanks to minimized road transport and liquid delivery

FLOXAL Nitrogen Supply Systems (Specifications)

FLOXALTM Nitrogen offers PSA-N2, AMSA (nitrogen membrane separation) and APSA product lines for nitrogen generation. 

FLOXAL Oxygen Supply Systems (Specifications)

FLOXALTM Oxygen offers VSA-i, SIGMA and PSA O2 products for oxygen generation. 

FLOXAL Hydrogen Supply Systems (Specifications)

FLOXALTM Hydrogen offers the compact and innovative HYOS-E H2 generator, HYOS-R, MeOH Cracker and SMR products for hydrogen generation. 


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